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Do Miracles Really Exist Today?

OK. Kinda odd to be posting on this kind of thing, I realize. This subject came up with a great group of friends this morning. On discussing this, I recalled my opinion of miracles just over eight years ago. I


My Son Did not Recognize His Mother nor His Father

It was December 11, 2014, and our son had his first seizure ever at 2am. We witnessed it for about four minutes. He twitched, his eyes were looking up, he attempted to roll off the couch, his legs were stiff

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We genuinely thank our patients so much for their loyalty and their trust. Our patients have blessed us and our work immensely. Dr. Venincasa can honestly state that the relationships with his patients are the greatest gift he has received

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Should Faith Affect Our Voting in Elections?

We have heard national politicians state a religious belief they may personally have, yet they support laws that are contrary to that belief. Particularly, this applies to the abortion issue. It may apply to other issues as well. These politicians

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Why Do I Feel Alone?

There are times when we may feel alone. These times may even occur when we have loving family and friends available and present. We may feel guilty for feeling alone. Why do we feel alone at times? I suppose the

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Our Money: Engraved with "In God We Trust"

We have all seen it. “In God We Trust” is engraved on our paper money and coins. This had first been on our coins in 1864, it has been on our paper currency since 1957, and it became our country’s

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Centered on Our Dental Patients, the Best in the World

We have just completed our summer break from work. We had time to enjoy our families, to spend more personal time away, and to perhaps appreciate the beauty of the world around us and of those around us. We are