Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison kind gentle quality service accepts new patientsThe New Patient Exam


During the initial preventive appointment, our aim is to get to know our patients, their desires, and the condition of their mouth.  We spend quite a bit of time gathering information, visiting with our patient, asking for our patient’s desires for care, and thoroughly evaluating the current condition of their teeth, gums,  mouth, temporomandibular joints (TMJ’s), and the way the teeth work together.  If the patient allows we perform a VELscope Enhanced Oral Assessment for the early detection Oral Cancer examination.  With all this information we work with our patients to create a plan that makes sense and which closely matches their desires.

Our Philosophy of Care

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison unique quality careDental practices can differ greatly in how they care for their patients.  Some practices strive to be at the cutting edge of dental science, others cloud the image of a dental practice with spa services, and others may seem most interested in cosmetic dentistry.  So where does this practice fit in?

Dr. Venincasa has worked for many years to create a practice that respects each patient.  Patients are respected for their time, their desires, and for being individuals.  We enjoy visiting with our patients and caring for them.  We strive to treat them in the same way we would want our dentist to treat us.  In all we do our sincere hope is that this respect and value for each patient is apparent.

In planning treatment for our patients, our aim is to take into account the desires of our patients.  Our desire is also to create a plan which provides quality at a value, and which can minimize the patient’s dental expense over the course of their lifetime.  Informing patients of their options, their advantages and disadvantages, is very important to us in providing for that respect and value we have in them.  Our patients greatly appreciate this open and honest approach.  They value being involved in their care.

If this philosophy of practice is one which resonates within you as the type of practice you are seeking, we invite you to give us a call.

Management of Dental Insurance

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison accept insuranceThere are several ways in which dental practices manage dental insurance.  Very common these days is for dental practices to collect the entire fee from patients even prior to treatment getting started.  We are not this way.

We understand patients value their dental insurance.  We also understand that patients want to manage their cash flow.  As a result, we provide much assistance to our patients in managing their insurance.  We have several ways in which we can obtain information for our patients on their particular dental plan.  We can use this information to estimate our patients copayments.  We then bill insurance companies for the estimated remainder of the dental fee.  Our patients value this and we are pleased to offer this service for our valued patients.

Saving Our Patients from Pain and Additional Expense

wearing the base of the tooth away, gumline wear, notch, notchingThere are ways in which a dentist can save you money.  An honest dentist can save much in the way of only performing procedures that are absolutely necessary.  A quality-oriented dentist can save much by doing treatment properly and diligently the first time.  By providing quality care the first time, dentists can save patients time and money by decreasing the risk for problems and failure.  A careful dentist can assist patients in preventing future problems by diagnosing thoroughly and by catching potential problems before they are realized.

repair gumline wear notchingAs an example, teeth which are abraded by improper toothbrushing can create recession of the gums as well as damage by notching the root surfaces.  When the notching of the root surface continues to abrade, the nerve of the tooth is at risk of becoming unhealthy.  Teeth with moderately to severely deep cervical notching can actually abscess.  In these situations we educate our valued patients on the value of protecting these abraded areas with a special filling material.  By protecting these areas with a filling, the sensitivity of these areas can be decreased and the nerve of the tooth is better protected and is less at risk of damage.  With a filling, the toothbrush can no longer continue the abrasive action at the base of the lesion because the filling surface becomes the target of potential abrasion.  With a filling other problems can be at least diverted for a while.