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Strategic National Stockpile Shortages: Whose Fault is it?

Introduction “The reserve was originally named the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile but was renamed during a 2003 restructuring when additional materials were added to the supply. The stockpile is jointly managed by the departments of Defense and Health and Human Services. . .

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COVID-19 Mortality Rates Among Countries

Determining mortality rates can be difficult. Some countries tried to test as many citizens as they could. Others, like the United States thus far, have tested only those who had more moderate symptoms, those who live in an area of

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Vaping: an Update Concerning Health Effects

Much has happened nationally, beginning in September 2019, pertaining to the concerns about the adverse health effects of electronic delivery systems of nicotine and non-nicotine related chemicals. These concerned national organizations include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

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CBD and Medical Marijuana: Is it Safe?

We have all seen the CBD stores opening up near our homes. They are in fact becoming quite prevalent. This creates some interest following the state’s allowance for these CBD products in June 2019. As a result, I decided to

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Sundays Storms: Office Hours Affected

The storms of yesterday, Sunday, June 9, 2019, left many of us without power. Our office building, at this time, has no power and the exterior doors are dead-bolted closed. As soon as the building is open, we shall let

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The Zika Virus: 2nd Post, Another Look

In Time magazine, the cover story for the week of May 16, 2016, is “The Zika Virus.” I have decided to summarize the information for you, in order to provide an update for my first post on this subject. There

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Zika Virus is Now in Dallas, Texas

Reports today indicate the Zika virus is now in Dallas, Texas. In this Dallas case, the virus was spread through sexual contact with someone who apparently recently traveled from another country known to have a Zika infection problem. This is

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How Long Should I Use a Toothbrush?

I understand many of us do not give much thought to the toothbrush. We have one, we use it, and that is about it. In this relatively short post, my attempt will be to provide some information which is helpful

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Are Root Canals Safe?

Yes, yes, yes! Root canals are safe. Yes I know that rumors are discussed nearby coffee makers and water coolers. I know the Internet has information to the contrary. I would bet you can find two sides to any argument