Word of Mouth from Dr. Venincasa's Office


About the COVID Delta Variant: Common Sense Management

Clearly, there are valid concerns for the Delta Variant, which is now the most prevalent form of the COVID-19 virus in the United States. However, this does not at all mean that we need to panic. As is the most


COVID-19 Update: Dallas County Hospitalizations, Fatalities

We all are aware of the increasing COVID-19 infections across the country and in several Texas cities. How has this trend affected Dallas County hospitalizations and fatalities? Through a review of the Dallas County website, there are some data points


Maintaining Safety in Our Dental Office: COVID-19

We have been back to caring for dental patients since May 4, 2020. We continue to take temperatures and screen patients prior to entry into the treatment rooms. Patients wear masks when in our building and in our dental office,


I Miss My Work! Another COVID-19 Story

I know this sounds odd, but I miss my work! There has been very little I have done in the way of patient care for almost a month because of the public concerns with this novel coronavirus, because of the