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A Mini-Smile Makeover: Whitening and Bonding

A smile is very much like a window. Many judge others by their smile. While this may not be “right”, it is true. A smile is judged to gain insight perhaps into another’s confidence, personality, or “worthiness”. This is all

Tooth color chart

Dental Bonding and Zoom! Whitening

For those with yellower teeth with some gaps between some teeth, Zoom! whitening followed later by dental bonding can be just the right fix.  This patient had completed orthodontic treatment.  However, not all the problems could be corrected by orthodontics. 

Tooth color chart

Whitening Options

Many patients do want to have whiter teeth.  We understand that.  For that reason we have many options to suit most any pocketbook.  We do want to make it as easy for you as we can to obtain whiter teeth.