Does Scripture Support the Pro-Choice Stance?

PARMA, ITALY - APRIL 16, 2018: The fresco of Macacre of Inocents in Duomo by Lattanzio Gambara (1567 - 1573). There are some who quote from Sacred Scriptures to support their pro-choice stance on … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks: Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude

With this being the month of Thanksgiving, and with me thinking about how my faith life truly ignited, for which I am truly grateful, I consider how this all started for me. I think about a certain … [Read more...]

The Shooting Deaths of 5 Dallas Police Officers

On July 7, 2016, 5 white Dallas public officers were killed apparently by a single sniper. This is indeed a very dark day for the city, for the state of Texas, for our country, and for the world. I … [Read more...]

Finding God is Like, Where’s Waldo?

Many of us are familiar with Where's Waldo. This began as a series of books with pictures of many characters on a page, where Waldo was hidden. Waldo wore a hat and outfit with horizontal red and … [Read more...]

Does God Exist? A Perspective

My conversion experience occurred in 2007. Since then my faith and my efforts towards my Christian Spirituality has grown tremendously. However, there are difficult times still. There are times when … [Read more...]

What is My Life Missing? What Am I Searching for?

There were many years in my life when I realized I was searching for something. There was a void within me that I could never fill. There was a level of happiness I could never achieve. There was a … [Read more...]

Is Our Government/Society Creating Its Own Religion?

I realize this headline may seem a bit extreme. However, upon pondering over some things this past few years, I do believe this is very quietly, un-noticeably happening in a very casual and … [Read more...]

Does God Reside Within Me?

Prior to 2007, I would have never approached this subject. However, my life changed. On the weekend of March 24, 2007, I had two very clear "God moments." On that weekend, I knew without question that … [Read more...]

How to Pray: an Example

The year of 2007 was a huge transition for me. I did not understand the power of prayer, I did not pray in a meaningful way, I did not sense God's existence in my daily life, and I truly did not know … [Read more...]

Prayer: Is It Really All That Important?

Prior to 2007, I did not appreciate the value of prayer. At times, I would ask God for things I wanted. However, for the most part, I was not all that prayerful. I did not sense the prayer at Catholic … [Read more...]