Behind the Surgical Mask: Another COVID-19 Story

(Our office location as viewed from southbound Preston Road prior to Campbell Road) I am a general dentist in Dallas, Texas. Because of this current COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott has, by … [Read more...]

Living in a Material (Mask) World

From "Madonna" Facebook Page Posting of 10-10-2013 Yes, the CDC would not be happy with this mask. It would not serve the purpose of preventing COVID-19 viral transmission; however, it did fit the … [Read more...]

I Miss My Work! Another COVID-19 Story

Lawfully Closed to All But Emergent Procedures, By Our Governor Abbott I know this sounds odd, but I miss my work! There has been very little I have done in the way of patient care for almost a … [Read more...]

Enduring Our Governments’ Preventing Us from Working

None of us could have imagined the governments shutting down our work or causing our unemployment. Per the governments, my dental office is only available to prevent hospital visits or to perhaps … [Read more...]

Does Scripture Support the Pro-Choice Stance?

PARMA, ITALY - APRIL 16, 2018: The fresco of Macacre of Inocents in Duomo by Lattanzio Gambara (1567 - 1573). There are some who quote from Sacred Scriptures to support their pro-choice stance on … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks: Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude

With this being the month of Thanksgiving, and with me thinking about how my faith life truly ignited, for which I am truly grateful, I consider how this all started for me. I think about a certain … [Read more...]

The Shooting Deaths of 5 Dallas Police Officers

On July 7, 2016, 5 white Dallas public officers were killed apparently by a single sniper. This is indeed a very dark day for the city, for the state of Texas, for our country, and for the world. I … [Read more...]

Finding God is Like, Where’s Waldo?

Many of us are familiar with Where's Waldo. This began as a series of books with pictures of many characters on a page, where Waldo was hidden. Waldo wore a hat and outfit with horizontal red and … [Read more...]

Does God Exist? A Perspective

My conversion experience occurred in 2007. Since then my faith and my efforts towards my Christian Spirituality has grown tremendously. However, there are difficult times still. There are times when … [Read more...]

What is My Life Missing? What Am I Searching for?

There were many years in my life when I realized I was searching for something. There was a void within me that I could never fill. There was a level of happiness I could never achieve. There was a … [Read more...]