The Shooting Deaths of 5 Dallas Police Officers

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On July 7, 2016, 5 white Dallas public officers were killed apparently by a single sniper. This is indeed a very dark day for the city, for the state of Texas, for our country, and for the world. I cannot help but to reflect on this. I cannot help but to reflect upon similar events that have occurred in this country concerning racial tension. Many in the media offer their reflections as well. Many of our our own friends also offer their own reflections on this either in person or in social media. I often get frustrated by some of these reflections. Many offering these reflections have an agenda in mind as they offer their reflections. I do think they have good intentions as they offer their reflections; however, many are clearly pointing to some key issue or issues that suit their own agenda. This tends to take attention away from the core issues or issues that are realistically in play with the events I have referenced.

Clearly, there is still racial tension in this country. It is difficult to come up with an answer as to how prevalent racial tension is; however, it is obviously still present.

Second, there are some white police officers who have not acted properly against black men. This is clear. It is again difficult to come up with an answer as to how prevalent racial biases are within white policemen in general; however, it is obviously apparent within some white policemen.

Third, for all professions, for all sexes and sexual identities, for all nationalities, for all colors of human beings, there are some who are not as accepting of others. In not being accepting of others, some of them may act on their own accord against others because of their differences. Their actions may result in the deaths of those whom they do not accept.

Again, this applies to professions, to all sexes and sexual identities, to all nationalities, and to all colors of human beings. This is about some humans not being as accepting of some who are different than themselves.

I have tried very hard to remain objective, and to stay away from any agenda that deviates from truth and the common good. I offer these reflections as fact, from my perspective. To me, these reflections are based upon logic and the facts.

I have tried to be open minded as I thoughtfully bring these up. To me, these reflections thus far are fairly elementary, not requiring much of a stretch to understand and accept.

So now what? So what…..?

Well, my summation is that us human beings can be flawed. Some of us cannot be accepting of others, so as a result, we aggressively act against those whom we do not agree with or against those whom are different from us. The problem does not lie with any agenda we may hold near and dear. The problem lies within ourselves. Each of us has the ability to decide to be accepting. Each of us has the ability to choose to act rationally even in the face of a negative emotion from within us, a negative emotion against others with whom we may have differences. So what? What can we do about this? It is not like we are doing all these horrific things, right? What can we do?

Well, it does still starts within ourselves. We all have our own families and our own friends, who we can accept, with whom we can enjoy spending time with, with whom we share respect, and among those we love. These are our circles.

We do indeed need these circles. However, we can be more open with these circles. We can be open to helping others outside our circles, to enjoy spending time with others outside our circles, to respect others outside our circles, and yes, we can be more open to loving others outside our circles. We can indeed grow our own circles. Again, it all starts within ourselves. However, if many of us can do this, if we can enlarge our own circles, clearly societal peace and community love will grow. I am not saying this is easy; however, if we all can commit to this openness to others, cannot you see how these horrific events can become less prevalent? It all starts with us. We do have the power. This power lies within us, as human beings. The power is there to be open, to enjoy others, and to love others. The power is there.

We simply need to unleash this power, each of us, individually….
If we can be open to enlarging our circles, if we can be open to accepting and loving others, our circles, our societies, our countries, and our world can be occupied by human beings who are less flawed, because of the power of love.

The Dallas police officers were killed by an individual who was deeply flawed, who did not accept nor respect white police officers, and who did not act rationally in the face of his own negative emotions against these officers who were different from him. The problem starts from within….

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