Why Does My Dental Office Keep Changing Dentists?

changing dentist, dentist turnover, Venincasa Dental

changing dentist, dentist turnover, Venincasa DentalWe have heard too many patients tell us about how they got frustrated at their last dental office because there was a turnover of dentists. In some cases, the patient thought they were in a privately-owned dental practice. The office looked like a privately-owned dental practice, and the office staff acted as if the dentist owned the practice, however, over time, the dentist in the office changed with some regularity. Clearly, they were not in a more traditional privately-owned and operated dental practice. Times have changed.
I myself get very disappointed to see what has happened to dentistry. Similar changes have occurred in pharmacy; back in the day, many pharmacists owned their own pharmacy. Nowadays, many dental offices are being purchased  and/or operated by corporate entities, retail entities, or even insurance companies. Dental offices are often seen as investments, they are seen as vehicles that create cash, and business systems are put into place to enhance profitability. You see, investors and corporate owners see dental practices as a business. The dentists in these kinds of dental practices are often paid at least partly by commission, they are paid a lower salary to enhance profits, and they are in some way often pressured to produce, to satisfy the owners, the stockholders, or the corporate executives. Many dentists feel overworked and underpaid in these practices; so as a result, they leave. This is why many dental offices cannot keep the same dentist.
I receive multiple unsolicited offers a year to purchase my dental practice. Again, it is seen as a good investment. But each time, I throw the offers into the garbage can. You see, I have wanted to be a dentist since I was 4 years old. To me, in a way, I am living a dream. I love my work, and I love my patients. We offer high quality care with superb personal service. We aim to save our patients money in the long run. We are relatively conservative in our plans of treatment, we are honest, and we care for our patients as if they are family. For us, the patients are most important. Can you see or feel how we are different? We have become unique because of the changes in the dental industry. We have refused to be controlled and/or owned by corporate, retail, and insurance entities. We do this so our patients can continue to have more control of their care, and more control of who is providing that care.
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