The History of My Dental Practice

Humble Beginnings

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson AddisonMy practice began in September of 1986.  I was an associate working out of two dental offices of the same dental practice.  One of the offices was located near Lovers Lane and Abrams Road in Dallas.  The other office was located near Arapaho Road and Hillcrest Road in Dallas, between the prior campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church and currently the Shelton School, and All Saints Catholic Church.  During this time I worked as an employee for the senior associate’s practice three days a week at the rate of $1500 monthly.  During the other three days a week I started my practice. 

Starting my practice was more difficult than I had anticipated.  It seemed that every month I was re-starting my practice since I did not yet have patients referring back to my practice very much.  I was active in my church singles group, I was visiting pharmacists, and I was visiting area businesses to let them know about my practice.  Thankfully my practice did grow.  With this first-year growth I determined that I needed all six days in which to build and maintain my practice.  So I lost my $1500 salary and started working on a commission basis within the same dental offices.  My practice continued to grow through my personal contacts as well as through word-of-mouth referrals.  After another 18 months I made the decision to merge both offices into one location. 

In 1989 I moved both practices to just south of the intersection of LBJ Freeway and Hillcrest Road.  I was sub-leasing space from another dentist.  With just one location I was able to focus my practice-growth efforts to a more defined area.  With my cash flow I was able to buy one treatment room of equipment to use in my sub-leased space.  I continued to work six-days a week.  Thankfully also my practice continued to grow.  After almost three years my practice needed a larger space.  It was then that I finally was able to move into my own office. 

Opening My First and Current Dental Office

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson AddisonIn November 1992 I moved my dental office to its current location, in the Preston Trail office building, located at 17330 Preston Road.  I still had no money, as I used all I had to support the dental practice.  The former NCNB bank, now Bank of America, loaned me the funds needed to finish out shell space on the first floor.  Again, it was my cash flow which supported this loan.  When the office opened we worked out of two treatment rooms, with room to grow into two more.  As time went on we grew from one staff member to now four, and we equipped those other two treatment rooms.  With a practice home now, it was able to grow and become established. 

I thank God for the opportunity I have had to create a viable business and to meet such wonderful patients.  I have found that building a practice has been a great deal of hard work, has demanded attention to detail, and it has solidly grown because my practice is based upon the traditional values of honesty and respect.  I have found the biggest gift that I have received from my practice is the multitude of relationships I have gained with my patients.  I value my patients so much.

If you have an interest in becoming a patient within my practice, please do contact us.  Given the nature of the job market, patients will often leave my practice because of  their moving out of town.  We do still accept new patients.  We would welcome you and extend to you the same level of personal care and quality service that our patients have enjoyed for almost 25 years running.