Re-Shaping, Re-Contouring Your Gums: Have You a Gummy Smile?

Some of us may like our smile for the most part; however, we may feel we have too much gum showing. We may feel like our gums are lower on one side than on another. We may feel like our gums are lower … [Read more...]

Laser Treatment to Heal the Gums

We have all heard of lasers being used to treat skin discoloration, to remove hair growth, and to smooth out wrinkles. Dental laser systems have been researched since the 1960's. For over ten years … [Read more...]

We Now Offer Laser Dentistry!

Lasers have been in use for quite some time. Most of us have heard of their use for eye surgery. For almost 20 years there have been dental applications of the use of lasers. So what took us so long … [Read more...]