Quality Dentistry is Affordable!

Yes, I understand many see dental care as expensive. I understand that, unlike medical visits, there is not a fixed $45 co-payment that represents your total financial investment on the dental visit. … [Read more...]

The Value of Regular Dental Care

Many people try to save money in many ways. Certainly this is commendable. We all work hard for our money. It makes sense to spend it wisely. When it comes to dental care, people may try to delay … [Read more...]

Price-Shopping Dental Fees

We have all done it.  We have all had times when we shop for the best price.  Certainly this makes sense.  Why would we want to pay more for the exact same thing?  Yes, there is work involved and this … [Read more...]

Year End Insurance Benefits

Before we all know it the year 2014 will be here.  We all know how quickly the year progresses once Halloween passes.  For that reason we are offering you a kind reminder. For many insurance plans … [Read more...]

Comfortable Payment Options for Dental Care

We do realize that many patients do not have dental insurance.  We also realize that those with dental insurance may have seen their benefits decrease.  As a result of this, patients have become … [Read more...]

CareCredit: Simple Payment Plans

We understand patients look to stretch their hard-earned dollars.  We also understand patients want to get the best dental care they can comfortably afford.  It is for these reasons we decided to … [Read more...]