The Value of Regular Dental Care

dental patient, dental care

dental patient, dental careMany people try to save money in many ways. Certainly this is commendable. We all work hard for our money. It makes sense to spend it wisely. When it comes to dental care, people may try to delay seeing a dentist for regular care. I can certainly understand this. Truly I can. If nothing seems broken and if there is no pain, many believe that all is well.
I wish I could agree with that statement. If nothing seems broken and if there is no pain, is there a chance there is something wrong? Based on my knowledge and experience, I can honestly say “yes”, there is a chance there is still something wrong. While teeth do have nerves within them, and while the second layer of the tooth, the dentin, does have nerve fibers within it, there is still the potential people will not feel decay, cracks, an abscess, and other problems.
So with that, is there still a problem with waiting until something becomes apparent? Does it make sense to still wait until there is a perception of pain or of something being damaged or broken? To be honest with you, the answer is “no”. Many patients find that when they do indeed wait until something feels damaged or broken, or if they do indeed wait until pain starts, they find that their options for care may be more limited, more involved, and perhaps more expensive. We all know that dentistry can be relatively expensive.
We all understand the thought of waiting until there is a perceptive problem. However, from what I know, when we apply that thought of waiting to obtain dental care, people may be in for a rude awakening when they finally do obtain care. I cannot say something will go wrong if you wait. But I also cannot say all will be fine until you perceive a problem or pain. So what do I recommend?
Well, of course here I am, a dentist, writing on his own blog. You know where I am going to some degree. If you must delay for financial reasons, at least get an exam once or twice a year. At least also keep up with the recommended x-rays. In this way potential problems can be identified, they can be discussed, options can be evaluated, and perhaps some kind of a treatment decision can be made to at least prevent something much more involved and expensive from happening. Naturally also you want to see a dentist you can trust. Online reviews are a wonderful way to get an idea of the trustworthiness of a dentist.  You also want a dentist who is willing to help patients with options for paying for the dental services.  Payment options can create affordable monthly payments if necessary.
Clearly, with some prudent decisions, money can still be saved by seeing a dentist more regularly. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me in any way you see available on this web page. I value your interest in my postings and in my website.

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