Wisdom Tooth Extractions: It Is Time to Plan

There are basically two times of the year which are best for students to pursue their wisdom tooth extractions. Those times are during their winter and summer breaks. If we consider it, the summer … [Read more...]

Summer: a Season for Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Many students are already off ¬†from school, and still many others are finishing up their studies. With the rigors of the regular school year completed, many students, teachers, and administrators have … [Read more...]

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

Many of us are familiar with wisdom teeth extractions. We know that many young adults may not have enough room for the wisdom teeth. We also know that there are times when the wisdom teeth do not grow … [Read more...]

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Yes, we do offer services of removing or extracting wisdom teeth. We know some patients think they need to go to an oral surgeon's office for this service. While that is an option, we can offer the … [Read more...]