Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

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root canal through crown, Venincasa Dental, Dallas dentistMany of us are familiar with wisdom teeth extractions. We know that many young adults may not have enough room for the wisdom teeth. We also know that there are times when the wisdom teeth do not grow in straight. Many of us may assume that all wisdom teeth require removal. However, that is not true.
In my practice, we have a smaller percentage of patients who still have their wisdom teeth. Some of these patients kept their wisdom teeth against the advice of their dentist. However, others never had their wisdom teeth recommended for removal. Some of these patients may have enough room, period. Other patients may have room because they had some premolars removed for orthodontic reasons. Moreover, if the wisdom teeth grew in straight and there is room, then why take them out?
So, now lets look into the recommended reasons for removal. We have discussed some already. Another reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is that there are times when hygiene procedures are too difficult to adequately clean around them. In other cases, the wisdom teeth may have erupted in a way which interferes with a proper bite. Keeping wisdom teeth in these situations may lead to headaches, pain, and TMJ Dysfunction. In addition, for some patients, the wisdom teeth may be obstructing the ability to repair a defective or decayed molar that lies adjacent to the wisdom teeth. Further, there are times when the wisdom teeth may have much decay. Severely affected wisdom teeth may be best removed as opposed to repairing them. Another reason for removal of the wisdom teeth is that some adults may have periodontal disease associated with either the wisdom teeth or the teeth in front of them.
With this information, we may come to the question of when these wisdom teeth should be removed. Generally, we recommend removal of the wisdom teeth between the ages of 18-22, when recommended. Past research shows the wisdom teeth are best removed after about the dental age of 18 years-old. In these cases, the roots of the wisdom teeth roots are to be developed about two-thirds the way. Early removal may result in some problems associated with tumor or cyst formation. Late removal may result in periodontal, orthodontic, restorative, or other problems. Late removal may allow problems to develop not only with the wisdom teeth, but also with those teeth that are adjacent to them. So, patients as a result rely on their dentist to assist them with answering the questions of why or when to have the wisdom teeth removed.
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