Summer: a Season for Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Students, Teachers, and Administrators

summer break, wisdom teeth, Venincasa Dental

summer break, wisdom teeth, Venincasa DentalMany students are already off  from school, and still many others are finishing up their studies. With the rigors of the regular school year completed, many students, teachers, and administrators have more time available to obtain their needed preventive care or dental treatment. Moreover, this is especially a great time for students to consider having those wisdom teeth, which have been recommended for extraction, extracted.
With the summer season being somewhat short, now is the time to make these appointments. Within my dental practice, over 90% of our June appointments with our hygienist are full. Then, after obtaining your preventive appointment, there is a chance some problem may be found during the examination which needs attention. That is why making these appointments now is best, so you have other time available during the summer season to get needed treatment done.
For those with wisdom teeth recommended for extraction, naturally, the summer season is a peak time to get this done. We often find that appointments need to be made about a month in advance of treatment due to the demand for this service. For that reason, making these arrangements now is best.
For those of you who are students, teachers, or administrators, the summer is a great time for preventive care. As we know, most people are recommended to have their professional preventive dental care every six months. So, for those of you who are students, teachers, or administrators, these semi-annual preventive visits can be done in the summer and during Christmas/winter break. This is ideal timing for most of you.
Within my dental practice, we can assist you with these preventive or cleaning appointments, with examinations for determining the need for wisdom teeth extractions, with making appointments for wisdom teeth extractions, or with appointments for any dental treatment. This is particularly important for those of you who are students, teachers, or administrators. If you are in need of a dentist, we invite you to peruse our certified online reviews, we invite you to visit more of our personally produced website, and we invite you to contact us for an appointment at (972) 250-2580.

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