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White Fillings: A Potentially Long-Lasting, Reliable Option

White fillings became more common during the 1980’s. While they looked so much better than silver fillings, many patients had difficulties with sensitivity, decay forming after a relatively short period of time, and premature wearing down of the white filling

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Many patients have an interest in finding out about tooth colored fillings. Yes, those silver fillings are still being placed within some dental clinics. In my practice, we stopped using the silver fillings in the 1990’s. The main reason for

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White Fillings: How Have They Done?

During the time that I was in dental school in the mid-1980’s, the white fillings materials were becoming a popular option for the back teeth. Naturally, silver fillings were more visible and were not as aesthetically pleasing, so patients wanted

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How Do Dental Crowns Work?

There are numerous ways that dental crowns work. Basically crowns strengthen teeth while fillings weaken teeth. So then it follows that the larger a filling is, the thinner the surrounding tooth structure is. Then the thinner the surrounding tooth structure,


What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is generally considered a cosmetic dental procedure. The goal of dental bonding is to adhere a tooth-colored material in order to replace missing tooth structure or to add to tooth structure to lengthen or widen. Dental bonding is

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Teeth with White Fillings Needn't Be Sensitive

Dental white fillings became an option over silver fillings in the mid-1980’s. The earliest of these white fillings wore down too quickly and were characterized by sensitivity to air, cold, or to sweets. As the years have progressed the strength


White Fillings / Bonding

Bonding: Closing Gaps in Front Many of us have gaps between the teeth.  This may be a concern in the front teeth particularly.  Many of us may recall when a magazine closed the midline gap in a photo of Madonna.