White Fillings: A Potentially Long-Lasting, Reliable Option

white fillings, composite fillings, bonding

White fillings became more common during the 1980’s. While they looked so much better than silver fillings, many patients had difficulties with sensitivity, decay forming after a relatively short period of time, and premature wearing down of the white filling surfaces. Fortunately, in the right hands, white fillings can be so much better now!

Over time, some of the brands of white fillings demonstrated nice wear resistance, and other brands have either been re-formulated or have entered the manufacturing of white filling materials. The materials are so much better now, and some materials match the existing tooth colors so much better.

On top of this, techniques to prevent sensitivity have become better known. These white filling materials require much more attention to detail than placing silver fillings. The hands of your dentist and the detail-consciousness of your dentist have so much to do with decreasing sensitivity under these white fillings.

As the sole dentist in my privately-owned dental practice, I have seen patients benefit greatly from these white fillings, without the sensitivity that can be relatively common with them. Our techniques are patient-centered, they are quality-oriented, and they are intended to provide comfort and long-lasting service.

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