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White Fillings: A Potentially Long-Lasting, Reliable Option

White fillings became more common during the 1980’s. While they looked so much better than silver fillings, many patients had difficulties with sensitivity, decay forming after a relatively short period of time, and premature wearing down of the white filling surfaces. Fortunately, in the right hands, white fillings can be so much better now! Over time, some of the brands of white fillings demonstrated nice wear resistance, and other brands have either been re-formulated or have entered the manufacturing of white filling materials. The materials are so much better now, and some materials match the existing tooth colors so much

White Fillings: How Have They Done?

During the time that I was in dental school in the mid-1980’s, the white fillings materials were becoming a popular option for the back teeth. Naturally, silver fillings were more visible and were not as aesthetically pleasing, so patients wanted a tooth-colored option. At first, some dentists used filling materials that were produced for use in the front teeth. Moreover, other dentists purchased the then-newer white composite materials that were stronger and were specifically made for the back teeth. However, following this time of the mid-1980’s to the 1990’s, many of those white filling materials were found to be inadequate.

Teeth with White Fillings Needn't Be Sensitive

Dental white fillings became an option over silver fillings in the mid-1980’s. The earliest of these white fillings wore down too quickly and were characterized by sensitivity to air, cold, or to sweets. As the years have progressed the strength of these white fillings has increased immensely. Dental science has also obtained the research to minimize or to eliminate the sensitivity as well. However, we do still hear patients complain of white fillings that were placed at another dental office. To be honest with you, dentists must be much more meticulous in their technique with white fillings than they were

White Fillings / Bonding

Bonding: Closing Gaps in Front Many of us have gaps between the teeth.  This may be a concern in the front teeth particularly.  Many of us may recall when a magazine closed the midline gap in a photo of Madonna.  Madonna was publically upset about that; she wanted the gap to remain.  While some of us like Madonna may have no issue with gaps between the teeth, other people do have concerns about the gaps.  The gaps may simply be cosmetically displeasing to them or the gaps may gather food as they eat.  In any case some want these gaps

Whitening: A Brilliant Improvement

What is Tooth Whitening? We all want a beautiful smile! But sometimes, stained or discolored teeth can make us want to avoid showing a toothy grin. Many factors contribute to stained teeth, including aging, smoking, and certain medications. Drinking coffee, soda, tea, or red wine can also cause teeth to lose their luster.  The improvement you can expect from a tooth whitening or bleaching procedure varies. However, in every case, we do notice a whiter and brighter result.   Zoom! In-Office Whitening    Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed in-office tooth whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color of your teeth using

Fillings: Essential for Cavities

What are Tooth Fillings? White fillings have been around since the 1980s. They are now considered a very nice alternative to the classical silver fillings.  The advantage of white fillings is their ability to seal and bond to the tooth structure.  As a result of this seal or bond, these white fillings can be more resistant to recurrent decay. A second advantage of white fillings is that they are more insulative than silver fillings.  As a result of this property, white fillings can be less sensitive to cold air, fluids, and foods. An obvious third advantage of white fillings is

Tooth Colored Fillings

Many patients have an interest in finding out about tooth colored fillings. Yes, those silver fillings are still being placed within some dental clinics. In my practice, we stopped using the silver fillings in the 1990’s. The main reason for this was the success of the tooth colored fillings since the 1980’s. We no longer felt the need to place the silver fillings. Having a tooth colored filling is not much different than having  a silver filling done, from the patient’s perspective. Generally, the teeth still need to be numb in order to remove the decay. Indeed, there is still

A Mini-Smile Makeover: Whitening and Bonding

A smile is very much like a window. Many judge others by their smile. While this may not be “right”, it is true. A smile is judged to gain insight perhaps into another’s confidence, personality, or “worthiness”. This is all very unfortunate. However, we do have patients explaining this very thing. They want to have more self-esteem. They want to look better. They think a better smile can assist them in gaining something they desire like a job or a significant other. In our office we have a unique ability to perhaps change lives. We understand this, humbly. This sweet

Dental Bonding and Zoom! Whitening

For those with yellower teeth with some gaps between some teeth, Zoom! whitening followed later by dental bonding can be just the right fix.  This patient had completed orthodontic treatment.  However, not all the problems could be corrected by orthodontics.  There are times when whitening, recontouring of teeth, bonding, or dental laminates may be needed to improve the results of orthodontic care. In this example, the lateral incisors were smaller in relation to how they normally would be.  The teeth were also yellower than the patient would have wanted.  As a result, following a thorough dental cleaning, the teeth were