PPO Insurance: Choosing an Out of Network Provider May Be Best for You

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Yes, it is true that in-network providers sign a contract with PPO insurers. These contracts allow for marketing of the dental practices and create discounted fee schedules that in-network dentists must honor. In-network providers are not selected for the quality of care.

So, why would dentists discount their fees to be in-network? Obviously, they need the marketing of their practices from the insurer? Perhaps the dental practice is new, perhaps the dental practice location is new, perhaps the dental practice is increasing their number of dentists, and perhaps patients are not referring back to the practice as much as is desired.

While discount fee schedules may sound advantageous to patients, that does not mean that patients are spending less. Certainly, it places a burden on a dental practice to decrease their fees. To counteract the lower fees, dental practices may increase their number of procedures. This may not be advantageous to patients. This may increase their out of pocket expenses.

My dental practice has existed since 1986, and has never entered into a contract with any dental insurance carrier. Our patients refer back to my practice, we have hundreds of five-star reviews all across the Internet, and we save patients thousands of dollars by providing quality, honest, conservative, and patient-centered care. Our patients also know that Dr. Venincasa is the only dentist in the practice that will be treating them. Our patients trust us, rely on us, and choose us freely.

If you are interested in a value-conscious, patient-centered, quality-oriented, one-dentist, and family-owned dental practice that is not controlled nor pressured by corporate nor retail entities, we invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580. We have hundreds of wonderful patients; shouldn’t you be one of them?

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