Wisdom Tooth Removal

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wisdom teeth removal, wisdom tooth removal, third molar extraction, wisdom teeth extraction, wisdom tooth removalYes, we do offer services of removing or extracting wisdom teeth. We know some patients think they need to go to an oral surgeon’s office for this service. While that is an option, we can offer the same services within our office. By having wisdom teeth removal within our office, there is no need to pursue care at another office, there is no need to provide personal information elsewhere, our office will manage the insurance forms and accept payment from any applicable insurance company, and Dr. Venincasa will perform the care following the surgical appointment.
We have been fortunate to have Dr. Bryan Moore provide these services along with IV sedation for those interested, within our office. We have been working with Dr. Moore since 2009. Our patients have been very pleased with him and his staff, and we can honestly state that we have not experienced any patients having a “dry socket” as a result of wisdom teeth extractions within our office.
So who needs to have the wisdom teeth removed? Do all patients need to have the wisdom teeth removed? For most patients the evaluation and recommendation for wisdom teeth removal is performed between the ages of 18-22. We evaluate the direction in which the wisdom teeth are growing, we measure the amount of space available for the wisdom teeth, and we evaluate the health of the gums around the wisdom teeth. In most all cases, if one wisdom tooth is recommended for extraction, then at least the wisdom tooth that opposes it is also recommended for extraction.
So what if a patient decides to delay or avoid extraction of the wisdom teeth if recommended? Depending on the situation, decay may affect the wisdom teeth and even the teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth, gum soreness or abscesses may develop with some regularity, or the gums may be chronically inflamed and unhealthy. Should the wisdom teeth then be later removed, the risks of complications may increase up to five times greater due to the then current condition of the wisdom teeth and due to the age of the patient at which the teeth are removed.
In the long run, if the wisdom teeth are indeed recommended for extraction, it is best done sooner than later. There is such thing as removing them too soon; we assist our patients in letting them know when the time is right.
If we can assist you or someone you know with wisdom teeth extractions, we invite you to share this post, we invite you to give us a call at (972) 250-2580, and we invite you to contact us in any way you feel comfortable that is available to you within this web page. We thank you for your interest in our website.

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