Year End Insurance Benefits

dental care treatment December end of year

Year End Insurance BenefitsBefore we all know it the year 2014 will be here.  We all know how quickly the year progresses once Halloween passes.  For that reason we are offering you a kind reminder.
For many insurance plans the benefits are defined by the calendar year.  There is a finite amount of benefit dollars that exist each year.  If the benefits are not used by the end of the insurance year they are lost.  Hence we offer this reminder.  If you know there is treatment remaining for you we invite you to consider making an appointment to obtain this care now that there is time.  As the year progresses more patients make these appointments and thus appointments times can become more restrictive or shorter in supply.
Some patients may have quite a bit of treatment to be done.  They may desire two or more years of insurance benefits to assist them in paying for their care.  For these patients this post also serves as a kind reminder to make your appointments now as time is available.
We value helping our patients in any way we can.  We offer these reminders to assist our patients with managing their insurance benefits and with managing their money.  If you value the way we care for our patients we invite you to contact us in any way you prefer on this page.

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