We Now Offer Laser Dentistry!

dental laser, laser dentistry

dental laser, laser dentistryLasers have been in use for quite some time. Most of us have heard of their use for eye surgery. For almost 20 years there have been dental applications of the use of lasers. So what took us so long to incorporate lasers into my dental practice?
We do work hard to make sure we are adding something that makes sense, and that is safe and effective. At times we are waiting for technology to advance, as we did with digital radiography. At others times it may take us a while to make sure we are comfortable with making the change. In this case we found a comfort level with adding laser technology.  So why add this laser technology to my general dentistry practice?
We have found the diode laser to create a revolutionary leap in the services we can provide. In some cases we are improving upon existing services we provide and in other cases we are in fact adding to our scope of services. In short, these lasers create the ability for us to remove gum tissue in specific instances in a gentler, kinder, quicker, more predictable, and more comfortable way, even without the need for being numb. These lasers can be used for re-contouring the gum heights around teeth for cosmetic reasons, they can be used to enhance impressions used to make crowns and partial crowns, they can be used for eliminating bacterial infections in the gums, for enhancing healing from periodontal disease “deep cleanings”, and for minor gum tissue removal in particular circumstances. The use of this laser eliminates bleeding and is thus a very “clean” way to perform minor surgery, which heals quicker and more comfortably.
Patients predictably do not complain of post-surgical discomfort. On occasion they may indicate they feel as if their gum was “scratched”. Moreover, these lasers provide more exacting results. In addition, the healing process takes place without swelling or shrinkage.  In short, patients benefit from a higher standard of care with these lasers, experiencing faster treatment times and faster healing times, and with less overall discomfort.
So for specific services the diode laser creates many advantages for our valued patients. If you have any question about this we invite you to contact us in any manner you see available on this web page. If you have an interest in being our patient we invite you to contact us as well. We would welcome you; we have the best dental patients in the world!

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