Do I Have a Really Good, Great Dentist?

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good dentist great dentist, Plano dentist, Dallas dentist, Addison dentist, Carrollton dentistPatients use different ways to select their dentist.  For some, they choose a dentist from a list of “preferred providers” from their employer’s insurance plan booklet. Others may choose a dentist because of a coupon offering discounted dental services. Still other patients may seek a referral from a friend or from online resources. So what difference does it make?
Naturally we have one set of adult teeth. Any decisions made by a dentist affects the services chosen to be performed on our teeth and affects the quality of services performed. These are your teeth; shouldn’t you exercise some care in who you select to perform these professional services?
The delivery of dental care has changed over the years. We have for years had chain-type dental clinics that employ dentists to deliver the care. In recent years we have retail-type dental practices open up that resemble private practice yet the owner of the practice is not the one delivering the dental care. In both these examples the dentists are employees and there is often turnover of these dentists. So do you know much about these dentists? Should you just trust that the clinic or retail-type practice has a very good dentist?
When patients have a dental insurance plan with a list of providers, have you considered why those dentists are on those lists? How much investigation have the insurers done to assure these dentists are very good? Are you doing what is best for you in selecting a dentist from these lists?
When other patients select a dentist from a coupon, do they really want to trust their teeth to a discount dentist? Do they really want to choose  a dentist who resembles “the lowest bidder”?
It seems some may not be thinking this whole thing through. Some may be thinking of decreasing costs first. However, there are times when things are not as they seem. We have had patients in my practice who came from some other practice thinking they were saving money. However, what we found in some instances was something that resulted in the care becoming even more expensive over time because of decisions made and treatment done at the prior dental practice.
There are so many variables that determine if you have a good or really great dentist. Patients owe it to themselves to research this to some degree. If I were in the patient’s shoes I would consider talking to specialist offices like periodontists to see who they know performs very nice care for their patients. I would also consider researching online for actual patient reviews of the individual dentist. I would also consider asking friends and seeing if particular dentist names keep coming up. Then from there you can research online reviews for those named dentists.
We invite you to consider researching for a good, or great dentist or researching the dentist you have now. We would invite your researching me as well. We invite you to consider meeting us by contacting us in any manner you see available on this web page.

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