Lower Cost Dental Care

Lower cost dental careYes, times have changed.  In many ways times have changed.  Dentists do need to find ways to market their practices to find patients.  However, does it really need to be like this?
A number of dentists have signed with insurance carriers to accept lower fees in many cases in exchange for marketing their practices to the policy holders.  Lower fees may sound great to patients but is there a compromise in exchange for that?  Any compromise depends on the dentist.
A number of dentists have created signage at their office that resembles perhaps a laundromat, a cash for gold store, a mattress outlet, or any other store that offers discounts, free stuff, and lower prices to attract patients.  Theses dentists of course are trying to attract patients.  Is this really how you want to find a dentist?  Dentists historically are thought of as doctors of the teeth.  They worked hard and attended dental school.  Back in the day, all dentists had to do was to hang a sign out on their door and earn people’s trust.  But times have changed.  But do you really want to go to a dentist who attracts patients by providing lower fees or by creating large signs resembling a retail store?  Does this cheapen the dental profession in your opinion?  Is there a compromise in care?
Would you rather find a dentist who is trustworthy based on his care?  You have one set of teeth; do you really want to entrust your teeth to something like the lowest bidder?
Now, retail type dental offices have been opening up.  They are staffed by employed dentists who do not own the practice.  They do not have the same sense of ownership as an owner-dentist.  There is much turnover in these type practices.  However, these practices may very much resemble privately owned practices.  You may not know the difference.  Is there a difference between an office which is owned and staffed by the same dentist?  We cannot say for sure.  However, patients have the right to know who their dentist is going to be each time they receive service; patients have the right to know if the dentist providing care is in some way a revolving situation.
Dentistry and the marketing of dental care has changed.  However, patients do not need to accept longer wait times, changing dentists, and the potential for compromised care in exchange for lower fees.
My practice is owned by me and has been owned by me since its inception in 1986.  We have not signed any contracts with insurance companies that attempt to lower my fees in exchange for marketing.  We attract our patients with quality care in a very friendly and respectful environment while keeping our fees reasonable.  Quality dentistry has a way of saving much money over time when provided in an honest and relatively conservative manner.  We have chosen professional ways to market a very professional office.  We invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580 to experience what you may be missing.  Times do not have to change that much!

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