Keeping Hydrated in This Dallas Summer Heat

water hydration health dentist preventive holistic

water hydration health dentist preventive holisticIt sure can be hot in the Dallas area.  We all know we need to keep hydrated.  Our bodies have a way of telling us of the need for fluids.  We may obtain our hydration from many fluids.  It is important to understand which is best.  I understand water may be tasteless and it does not contain the ingredients we feel we need to prepare or to recharge.  However, water is best for your teeth.
It is boring to consider only water for re-hydrating;  I understand.  But so many fluids may be acidic or they may contain sugars.  Consuming other fluids for several hours of time daily over many days may cause problems such as decay or sensitivity.  We see this at my office quite often.  Water is best for the teeth.
We understand the other fluids provide other advantages.  We are not asking patients not to take advantage of those fluids.  In a relatively short period of time of consumption any fluid of your choice is fine.  However, if you will be sipping or drinking multiple times during a sporting event or activity over hours of time, water is the fluid we recommend.
We value your interest in our website.  We invite you to visit us at our office if you have yet to do so.  Appointments can be made by calling (972) 250-2580.

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