Enduring Our Governments' Preventing Us from Working

None of us could have imagined the governments shutting down our work or causing our unemployment. Per the governments, my dental office is only available to prevent hospital visits or to perhaps offer consults without exams, through April 30, 2020, for now. We too have to maintain the social distancing outside of an emergency.

It is hard not to be able to care for patients. This is what I have done since 1986. This does not seem real. Free time is great; but then again, this isn’t really free time, is it? We cannot enjoy restaurants, sporting events, and community festivals and activities. We are to “stay in place.” We shouldn’t vacation now.

For myself, I appreciate my life’s routine. My work offers me the rewards of helping others, but not now. Instead, I am taking time to research those things I have not had time to do. I am reaching out to follow up on some patients. I am clearing the piles on my desk. Through social media channels, I can maintain some contact with those who follow us. I miss my daily activity, which enables me to see the results of my work within an hour or so, and which enables me to relate to my patients and to truly help them. I miss being able to make the days of my patients just a little bit better.

My evenings are more focused on the family since I have so much more time to do desk work and to research during the day. We enjoy grilling more, we are eating at home now all the time, and we are enjoying movies and series together. Truly, this is like found time. Perhaps some to-do list items can be checked off as well. Time in and of itself is precious, and we all have more of it now.

May we all find the time to reflect upon what has been missing in our lives, and perhaps to do something about it. May we find out what has been too excessive in our lives, and perhaps to cut those things back. May we endure well this pandemic. May we find strength to overcome this pandemic in the way of facts and logic. May we find strength in our faith. May we help those who are in need. May our lives following this pandemic be more purposeful. May we live more for the day!

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