Word of Mouth from Dr. Venincasa's Office

Society's Redefinition of Freedom

Just what is freedom? This sounds like a silly question. But if we really think about it what does it really mean? Society values freedom and celebrates freedom. Society honors nationally-known athletes who finally admit they are homosexual. Society seems


God is Our Creator, Like Dell and Lenovo?

OK, here it is; my analogy of us humans as a computer…several years in the making….being committed to the worldwide web…..for the very first time…. Just as Dell and Lenovo create computers, God created us. He gave us an operating

The Existence of Jesus Christ

The Existence of Jesus Christ, Today, In This World

It was exactly seven years ago today when I found out who Jesus is. I grew up within the Roman Catholic Church. I attended Mass most every week. However, I got very comfortable with the rituals. I perceived I was

Does God Exist

Is There a God? A Personal Perspective

I always believed God existed. As children I think we are programmed to believe in Him. He made us so he can provide within us a longing for Him. Children can be so believing and so trusting. However, as our

Christmas, Christian dentist

Merry Christmas!!!!!

As this is being written, our last day of work for 2013 is tomorrow, Monday, December 23, 2013. We will all be celebrating the Christmas season and New Year’s Day with our dear families and friends. We will be back,