God is Our Creator, Like Dell and Lenovo?

Praying African American GirlOK, here it is; my analogy of us humans as a computer…several years in the making….being committed to the worldwide web…..for the very first time…. Just as Dell and Lenovo create computers, God created us. He gave us an operating system that was a perfect version of Windows 8 Professional. We had no viruses, we had no spamware, no adware, our computer worked very efficiently, upon our birth. Our RAM was occupied by loving our parents and caregivers and with the desire to love our God. God created us in the way He wanted. And it was good. However, as we live and experience our lives, the influence of worldly things and events affect our efficiency. We download programs, adware, and spamware, that are not compatible with our operating systems (Selfishness 2.0, Pornography 4.0, Greed 3.0, Prejudism 4.3, etc). We allow our RAM to be spent on programs that adversely affect our computer speed and efficiency (Worry 2.0, Fear 3.5, Anxiety 4.0,¬†Narcissism¬†2.3, Lust 5.7, Over-worked 6.0). We do not allow our RAM to have space for God 9.0. We often or always do not allow room for this program to run within our RAM. As a result of our RAM being overtaxed, and as a result of our not maintaining our operating system, viruses become incorporated into our hard drives. These viruses greatly diminish our efficiency and effectiveness. Our computer starts to lose the identity of that perfect computer that was created by our God. Steps must be made to get our computer working again in the way God intended; we must desire to love our God, we must spend more time with God, we must repent for our errant ways, and we must learn more about our Creator so we can know how our computer is to work. Our hard drive is an image of our loving God! We also must download programs more compatible with God’s perfect operating system, we must visit websites that will not adversely affect our operating system and that will not waste the resources of our RAM (mind and heart), and we must often clean our drives, reboot our computers, and defragment, we must run programs to remove adware, spamware, and viruses. We have got to take the time and make the effort to maintain our operating system created by our God. God created our computer. He knows what we need. We must follow His operations manual, the Good Book, the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). We can clean our hard drives, we can reformat, we can be efficient and very worthwhile! I have seen lives change; I have seen miracles! We can do this! We can have faith, peace, kindness, self-control, gentleness, hope, and love!

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