Dental Bonding and Zoom! Whitening

Tooth color chart
Before Zoom! and Bonding

For those with yellower teeth with some gaps between some teeth, Zoom! whitening followed later by dental bonding can be just the right fix.  This patient had completed orthodontic treatment.  However, not all the problems could be corrected by orthodontics.  There are times when whitening, recontouring of teeth, bonding, or dental laminates may be needed to improve the results of orthodontic care.
In this example, the lateral incisors were smaller in relation to how they normally would be.  The teeth were also yellower than the patient would have wanted.  As a result, following a thorough dental cleaning, the teeth were whitened with Zoom! whitening.  After a couple of weeks to allow for home whitening and to allow the color of the teeth to settle in, we provided dental bonding to enlarge the smaller lateral incisors.  We illustrate here the final results on one side.

After Zoom! and Bonding

In other cases when there are more gaps or when more teeth need to be enlarged or lengthened, porcelain veneers would have been a better option.  However, for this case, dental bonding was the best option and it was accomplished in less than 90 minutes.
If we can assist you with cosmetic results like this, we invite you to contact us.

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