Dental Bonding Changes Smiles Beautifully

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Last week we had the amazing opportunity to change a young man’s life.  For over a year he had a broken front tooth.  He is interested in changing his life.  He wants to get a new job.  For over a year he has smiled in a way to hide his broken front tooth.  It affects his personality.  It affects his confidence.  He was embarrassed to come to the office.  He was not sure he could afford to get treatment done.
Within a day we were fortunate enough to be in a position to change his life in some way.  We advised him of his treatment options.  He selected the option which suited his current needs.  He decided to pursue dental bonding.  With bonding, we are able to remove minimal tooth structure, we can get a life-like end result, and we can accomplish this within an hour.  Bonding is also less expensive than a crown and a porcelain veneer or laminate.
After we completed our 60 minutes of care we allowed our new patient to view the result.  He was amazed.  He could not stop smiling.  He was so excited.  He realizes he will have to re-learn to smile so he can show the attractive smile he once had and has now again.  He is confident and ready to pursue a new career opportunity.  This appointment was one of the most impactful ones we have had in my office.
This patient has a wonderful personality.  He encountered difficult times.  He wants to create more opportunities for himself.  We were able to assist him with that.  Dentistry is such a wonderful career for so many reasons.  God has blessed me with skills to be able to be a dentist and to be a very good and humble one.  We all have opportunities in our lives to deeply impact people.  Opportunities exist daily to positively impact others, to brighten their day, to offer hope to those who are down, to encourage those feeling inadequate, to provide a caring gesture to those who believe the world does not care, and to deeply affect the direction of someone’s life with a random act of kindness.  We all have the capacity to do this.  All we need to do is to be open to seeing those who are in need and to respond to them in a sincere and empathetic way.  We can make this world a better place.
If you or someone you know is seeking cosmetic dental care, we would love the ability to help.  Please contact us by calling (972) 250-2580.

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