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Interest-Free or Extended Payment Plan Options

We understand many patients are looking for an affordable way to pay for dental services.

We do work very hard to save our patients money over the long run.  One of the ways we do this is by providing CareCredit. With CareCredit, patients can apply to obtain various payments plans. They include interest-free as well as extended payment plans.

With these plans, patients can obtain the care they need or want for low monthly payments. Many patients have taken advantage of this opportunity. In fact, many other healthcare providers accept the CareCredit credit card as well. This card can be used by multiple family members and it works very much like a regular credit card with a credit limit.

Long-Lasting Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

One way we can assure the longevity of our cosmetic and restorative dentistry is by paying very close attention to detail.

This takes patience and commitment. It also helps greatly to be able to see very clearly. For all dental procedures, I take advantage of my illuminated magnifiers which very much enhance my ability to do a more meticulous job.

Another way to provide longevity is to assure that all dental work functions properly. We work very hard to assure that all our work is well-designed and adjusted to work well with the other teeth. Without a commitment to proper function, teeth and dental work can break or crack more than they may have otherwise.

Moreover, to assure the longevity of dental work for patients who have a tendency to grind or wear their teeth, the fabrication of a proper night guard can protect the teeth and dental work.

In my practice the largest contributing factor to the creation of dental problems is excessive forces on the teeth. A night guard eliminates the heaviest forces that exist on the teeth. As a result, the teeth and dental work can last longer and our patient’s lifetime investment in their dental care can be dramatically decreased.

We can decrease a patient’s lifetime investment in their dental care much better than many of the managed care dental insurance plans (DMO, PPO) can.

Assisting You with Preventing Problems

We truly enjoy helping our patients. We do have the best patients in the world. One of the ways we assist our patients is by informing them of conditions which may result in problems.  There is a way many problems can be prevented if some action is taken sooner rather than later.

crown sealant quality conservative honestThis image shows a gold crown and a dental sealant which we provided within my practice. The reason why we chose this image is that it very much symbolizes our commitment to preventing problems.

Allow me to explain how this image symbolizes our commitment to preventing problems. The gold crown was placed in 1998 to protect a weakened tooth.  Many teeth of patients may contain cracks, decay, thin or weakened tooth structure, and defective larger fillings. These teeth have quite a potential for problems.

Many of these teeth in this condition would benefit from protection of a crown. The gold crown pictured provides the strongest option for protecting a tooth. It will not break nor crack. It very well may outlast a patient’s lifespan.

We realize many patients want tooth-colored options. We do provide for that as well. However, in certain teeth, we will always recommend a gold crown like this because of its ability to prevent future problems.

The other tooth shown has a dental sealant. Sealants are used to protect deeper and narrower grooves within the tooth surface that cannot be adequately cleaned with a toothbrush. Sealants are also used to protect teeth that have decalcification, or the initial stages of what may become tooth decay.

Sealants like this one provide a smoother surface which is much easier to clean with a toothbrush. As a result, the risk of dental decay is very much diminished. We provide this service for children as well as for adults.

We truly provide a way for our patients to minimize their lifetime dental expense. We can accomplish this because of our honesty, because of our commitment to quality, and because we genuinely care for our patients.

Recognizably Superior Customer Service

We all recognize superior customer service. We can find it just about everywhere; however, for some reason, we do not experience it very often.

That is why superior customer service is so recognizable. We are very pleased when we find a representative who listens attentively, works for our benefit tenaciously, who asks about our day or our family, who smiles during our entire transaction, and who sees our objections as an opportunity to win us over.

These experiences are so recognizable. These experiences make us feel good, make us feel that we matter, and allow us to believe that there is goodness in this world. These are the kind of experiences that we attempt to create within my dental office.

Our patients are so much more to us than simply another number. We deeply care for our patients. We respect them. We are honest with them. We educate them on the condition of their mouth. We offer them options for care. We see them on time. We offer them multiple ways to pay for their care including interest-free payment plans and extended payment plans. We fully disclose plans of care and their associated fees prior to initiating treatment. We accept insurance assignment of benefits to decrease our patient’s out-of-pocket expense. We provide care that we would expect for ourselves.

I believe that is why we have so many patients who have been with us for more than 15 years.

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