A Mini-Smile Makeover: Whitening and Bonding

bonding, whitening, smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry

bonding, whitening, smile makeover, cosmetic dentistryA smile is very much like a window. Many judge others by their smile. While this may not be “right”, it is true. A smile is judged to gain insight perhaps into another’s confidence, personality, or “worthiness”. This is all very unfortunate. However, we do have patients explaining this very thing. They want to have more self-esteem. They want to look better. They think a better smile can assist them in gaining something they desire like a job or a significant other. In our office we have a unique ability to perhaps change lives. We understand this, humbly.
This sweet patient came to us wanting to gain self-confidence and an improved smile in preparation for interviewing for a job. She had limited financial resources but wanted to make a difference in her smile. After reviewing options with this valued patient it was decided we would clean and whiten the teeth. Following that we decided to bond the two front teeth. Bonding is different from a crown. Bonding is the application of a specially formulated plastic filling material. In contrast a crown is a ceramic or porcelain material. Bonding was chosen because it was the lesser expensive option, which was consistent with our patient’s desire.
bonding, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, smile makeoverSo with a fairly modest plan of treatment our kind and compassionate patient was able to resurrect her smile in a way which put her in tears. She enjoys an improved self-image and enhanced confidence. She smiles now without placing her hands in front of her mouth. She loves her new smile. And she did obtain employment!
Yes, there are more dental concerns that need to be addressed. In time and with a carefully developed plan of care, she can enjoy a level of dental health she has not had in years.
If you or someone you know has similar needs or feels uncomfortable seeking dental care, we invite you to contact us in any way you are comfortable. We have multiple ways available for you to contact us within this web page. We do care. We can help to make this financially doable, honestly.

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