Happy New Year: Our Re-Newed Commitment to Quality and Service at a Fair Fee

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quality dentist, fair fee dentist, great dentist Dallas, good Dallas dentistHappy New Year to you all!  We certainly hope you had a joyous and restful Christmas season and New Year’s!
As we start yet another year we want to renew our commitment to you, the dental patient. Times are changing. The insurance companies and our government are continually taking over the management of medical care particularly, and to some degree dental care. In the name of cost containment many changes are being made. While we are sensitive to cost containment, we remain as salmon swimming upstream.
What do I mean by being like salmon swimming upstream? Well, to be brutally honest, in the name of cost containment or practice growth, many dentists are signing up for managed dental care contracts as “preferred providers“. They are giving up control of their fee schedules and of covered services. In exchange, their practices are marketed to assist in their practice growth.
Other dentists are selling their practices or are hired by retail dental practices to provide dental care, again in the name of cost containment. In these practices the owner is often not the practicing dentist. Motivations by the employee-dentist may be different than a traditional owner-dentist.  Pressure by stock-holders or practice owners affect the management of the practice and patient care. Moreover, these dental offices may appear to be as a traditional practicing-dentist-owned practices but they are not.
Such are the changes in dentistry. Medicine is changing more drastically. I am here to tell you we continue to resist these changes as much as we can; we continue to swim as the salmon, upstream. We do this for you, the patient. We do this to maintain quality and service.  We do this ethically, honestly, and with value for your dollar in mind. We will continue to find ways to make it easier to afford dentistry. It is still very possible in this day and time to obtain quality care at a fair fee in the United States; we are here to tell you we see this happen daily!
Feel free to contact us in any way you see available on this web page. We would welcome you to join our practice, the one with the best patients in the world.  We know this to be true because we know our patients….

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