About the COVID Delta Variant: Common Sense Management

Clearly, there are valid concerns for the Delta Variant, which is now the most prevalent form of the COVID-19 virus in the United States. However, this does not at all mean that we need to panic. As is the most prudent approach, we must rely on our foundational sources for strength and hope; facts, logic, and faith.

For those who are unvaccinated, the risk is by far the greatest. This is particularly true of adults with co-morbidities, or other health problems, that can lead to a more severe reaction to the virus. For those who are vaccinated, very good protection against the variant exists, and the risks of hospitalization and death are very low. It is important to note that the earlier that one responds to symptoms and obtains proper medical care, the risk of hospitalization and death are even less.

For those who have natural immunity to this virus from prior infection, I empathize with you all. Many politicians and in the mass media do not acknowledge your status at all. Certainly, science is being filtered out. Natural immunity may be even better than vaccination in protection from the COVID-19 virus and its variants.

For those of faith, our Almighty God created an impressive immune system within us for a purpose. With natural immunity, it makes little sense to obtain the vaccine; the CDC admits honestly that the length of time that natural immunity and vaccine immunity exist are unknown. To me, it seems that those with natural immunity should be able to decide on their own if they want the vaccine. Unfortunately, political science does not agree. Our national government is creating a narrative that all should be vaccinated, even if medical science does not clearly recommend this; hence, that is political science.

Yes, hospitalizations are going up across the country due to the variant. My hope is that with our knowledge of treatment being so much better, that the duration of time in the hospital will be much less than it was a year ago. Again, it is so important to manage symptoms before they get too severe; early intervention with your doctor is always prudent.

It is vitally important to note that as of now, with our having the variant for months now, the number of fatalities from COVID-19 continues to decline. This message is not highly publicized; the number of infections are what is most propagated. This is disappointing, as we have known now for over a year that the number of infections was not the most important number. We always, logically, have been more concerned about hospitalizations and deaths.

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