RSV is Causing More DFW Children Hospitalizations than the COVID Variant

Yes, COVID-19 is for real and we do need to continue our efforts to prevent the spread of the virus; with that, we are hearing that the Dallas-Fort Worth area hospitals are overwhelmed with children needing care. This leads us to “assume” that the COVID variant is causing this, when, in actuality, it is RSV that is causing the most hospitalizations at this time.

To address this point, according to Morgan Young of on August 13, 2021, “On Friday, [Fort Worth’s] Cook Children’s reported it’s seeing about 200 [RSV] cases per week. This week, the DFW Hospital Council reported 150 pediatric patients on ventilators, but only 66 pediatric COVID hospitalizations, citing an “unusual” number of RSV patients for the season.”

As can be seen from the bar graph, RSV positive tests have been on the rise in the state of Texas since the end of May 2021. This rise seems to have peaked in the latter part of July 2021. This has resulted in many hospitalizations to treat RSV.

Unfortunately, politics gets in the way, and this prevents the full disclosure of facts in order to support a desired result or recommendation. Clearly, RSV needs to be considered when reporting hospitalizations for children. This fact decreases fear and allows for a more rational COVID-19 response.

To conclude, yes, COVID-19 is for real. If you have not been vaccinated AND if you do not have natural immunity from a prior COVID-19 infection, it is wise to consider obtaining the vaccine. This is particularly true for those who are overweight and have other medical issues that may contribute to a poorer prognosis with this viral infection. Continued mitigation strategies are also wise in public situations when physical distancing over time is difficult indoors.

May we rely on our foundational sources for strength and hope: facts, logic, and faith.

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