Patients Mostly Do Not Have to Wear Masks in Dental Offices: Per the CDC in February 2022

Masks optional, Venincasa Dental

Many of us have made visits to hospitals or medical offices recently. We found out that mask wear is still required in these places. However, per the CDC, patients no longer have to wear masks in dental offices in counties where there is a mild to moderate risk of coronavirus infection.

At first, we were not clear on how to find out if Collin County had more of a risk than that, other than by following news sources. Well, it has been clear to us this past month that the CDC has published within their site a COVID Data Tracker by county. With this tool, on a weekly basis, we can know the CDC interpretation of infection data.

As a result, for over a month, we have allowed dental patients to not wear masks in our dental office because Collin County’s infection risk has been at least lower than moderate ever since February. Now patients will still notice us wearing masks most all the time; this again follows the guidelines of the CDC.

While we understand that this whole thing has gotten way too political, there has to be a central source for recommendations pertaining to this virus. For us, that central source is the CDC. It is true that the CDC is only offering guidelines and they cannot enforce their guidelines. However, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners in the enforcement entity that provides for my dental license; as a result, we have to follow this board, which points towards these CDC recommendations.

Patients are still free to wear a mask if they want; it is the requirement that no longer exists for mask wear when county infection risks are lower. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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