Athletic Mouthguards: A Worthy Investment

athletic mouth guard

With pandemic loosening up and with the spring and summer months upon us, physical activity and sporting opportunities may be more available. Some of these activities may present risks of damage for the teeth. In these instances, an athletic mouthguard may be wise to wear.

Sports for which an athletic mouthguard would be recommended include basketball, resistance training with weights, soccer, rugby, football, and more. Chipping, breaking, or dislodging the front teeth is quite common as a dental emergency. This is especially true for children and young adults, who tend to be more active.

Depending on personal desires or affordability, these mouthguards can be custom made by your dentist, they can be store-bought and customized to better fit, or they can be simply store-bought to be used as is. These all vary by cost, the quality of the fit, and by comfort. The most important consideration is to wear something when there is a measurable risk for mouth or tooth injury.

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