Root Canals with Crowns: Some Facts to Consider

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It is common for patients with tooth sensitivity or soreness to think that they need a “root canal.” It is also common for dentists to perform root canals when patients have tooth sensitivity or soreness. However, I would contend that a significant percentage of root canal treatments with crowns do not need to be done.

There are multiple reasons why tooth sensitivity or soreness may exist. In my family-owned dental practice, in which I am the sole dentist, I have the freedom and virtues to explore exactly why the sensitivity or soreness exist. The information I evaluate to determine the need for a root canal and potential crown includes a thorough dental history, questioning the details around the current symptoms, the present condition of the tooth and adjacent gums and bone support, and other criteria. I actually am looking for reasons NOT to do the root canal treatment. . . Truthfully.

To be honest with you, I want to find at least two details that point towards the need for the root canal treatment. If I cannot find two things, then I do not recommend the root canal treatment and the possible following crown, and I explore other treatment options which can be much simpler, and less involved and less costly. This saves patients thousands of dollars! This has served my patients very well over the years.

Why would I do this? Well, because it is the right thing to do. Once a root canal and crown are performed on a tooth, there is little in the way of options if future problems occur. I do not want to limit future options, and I do not want my patients spending money unnecessarily. Further, I do not want to potentially, irreversibly damage an existing crown if I need to go through it to perform the root canal treatment.

Indeed, there are times when root canal treatment followed by a crown must be done. To be fair, it takes an effort to determine if indeed these treatments are truly needed.

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