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Quality Dentistry is Affordable!

Yes, I understand many see dental care as expensive. I understand that, unlike medical visits, there is not a fixed $45 co-payment that represents your total financial investment on the dental visit. I also understand that dental expenses are not generally anticipated or planned. Moreover, with medical insurance, patients generally have an 80-20 plan, whereby more major expenses are paid by your insurance carrier at 80% following your payment of a deductible. However, in this example, dental insurance pays benefits for more major expenses generally at 50% of the carrier’s allowable fee, following your payment of a deductible. Differently than

Happy New Year: Our Re-Newed Commitment to Quality and Service at a Fair Fee

Happy New Year to you all!  We certainly hope you had a joyous and restful Christmas season and New Year’s! As we start yet another year we want to renew our commitment to you, the dental patient. Times are changing. The insurance companies and our government are continually taking over the management of medical care particularly, and to some degree dental care. In the name of cost containment many changes are being made. While we are sensitive to cost containment, we remain as salmon swimming upstream. What do I mean by being like salmon swimming upstream? Well, to be brutally

Quality: a Lifelong Endeavor of This Dentist

For most all my life quality has been a principle and a goal I have strived for.  Ever since I could see over the handle bar of a lawnmower I have cut lawns.  Never in my life did I ask for a lawnmowing job.  You see, even at cutting lawns I realized that a quality job made the yard “pop”.  Neighbors recognized the attention to detail, the cutting of the yard at a suitable height, the edging of the lawn, and the trimming around trees, bushes, and poles.  By the time I was in high school I was cutting about

Quality, Service, and Price: the “Unattainable Triangle” of Advertising and Marketing

We have all heard the references to quality, service, and price.  The sciences of advertising and marketing explain that  it is impossible to provide all three at the same time.  Let’s explore this a bit.  Let’s look at McDonald’s for instance.  McDonald’s provides fast food very quickly at a fairly reasonable price; based on this principle it may be the quality of the food that is less than the other two measures of service and price.  A contrasting example could be Starbuck’s coffee.  At Starbuck’s they known for high quality coffee drinks provided quickly and kindly; based on this triangle these drinks

Athletic Mouthguards: A Worthy Investment

With pandemic loosening up and with the spring and summer months upon us, physical activity and sporting opportunities may be more available. Some of these activities may present risks of damage for the teeth. In these instances, an athletic mouthguard may be wise to wear. Sports for which an athletic mouthguard would be recommended include basketball, resistance training with weights, soccer, rugby, football, and more. Chipping, breaking, or dislodging the front teeth is quite common as a dental emergency. This is especially true for children and young adults, who tend to be more active. Depending on personal desires or affordability,

Root Canals with Crowns: Some Facts to Consider

It is common for patients with tooth sensitivity or soreness to think that they need a “root canal.” It is also common for dentists to perform root canals when patients have tooth sensitivity or soreness. However, I would contend that a significant percentage of root canal treatments with crowns do not need to be done. There are multiple reasons why tooth sensitivity or soreness may exist. In my family-owned dental practice, in which I am the sole dentist, I have the freedom and virtues to explore exactly why the sensitivity or soreness exist. The information I evaluate to determine the

A Unique Dallas Dentist: Traditional Values, Patient-Centered, and Highly-Rated, Ranked, and Reviewed

Some patients think all dental offices are the same, not unlike buying the same Polo-branded shirt at Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, and Neiman’s. Well, this analogy is not applicable at all because dental services are performed by individuals, and individuals vary in their skills, their attention to detail, their interests, their foundational values and motivations, and more. Here at my practice, patients know who their dentist is going to be, as I am the only dentist caring for them. They also are aware of our being patient-centered, quality-oriented, value-conscious, and family-owned. They know all these things because they experience us and

Do I Really Need Root Canal Treatment Through a Crown?

Patients often have some questions or concerns about performing root canal treatment through a crown. This is understandable. Many patients think that teeth with crowns should no longer require treatment. Many patients may also think that their crown would be damaged by performing root canal treatment through them. As a result of these questions or concerns, I have decided to address this subject matter within this post. First of all, teeth that have crowns have a history of trauma that can lead to the need for root canal therapy. This history of trauma includes prior decay, cracks, fillings, breaks in

White Fillings: A Potentially Long-Lasting, Reliable Option

White fillings became more common during the 1980’s. While they looked so much better than silver fillings, many patients had difficulties with sensitivity, decay forming after a relatively short period of time, and premature wearing down of the white filling surfaces. Fortunately, in the right hands, white fillings can be so much better now! Over time, some of the brands of white fillings demonstrated nice wear resistance, and other brands have either been re-formulated or have entered the manufacturing of white filling materials. The materials are so much better now, and some materials match the existing tooth colors so much