Dental Office Sold: Differing Management of Care?

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Many dental offices are being sold nationwide because more dentists are retiring. With these dental office sales, the ownership and their way of doing business may very well change.

Corporate and retail entities are buying an increasing percentage of dental offices. With this, their philosophy of care, their management of the dental office, and their motivations, are often different from the selling dentist. This makes patients uncomfortable.

Too many times in my dental office, we have patients requesting a second opinion apart from their new dental office ownership. This is because, “all of a sudden,” they need more dental work done than they have needed for years. They have concerns for the honesty or diagnostic leanings of the new ownership. Again, this happens over and over.

And, over and over, we find that the patients did not need near the treatment that was recommended by the new ownership. These patients are so happy they did not just sign on for a large plan of care. In these cases, we often save patients thousands of dollars.

In my practice, we understand the economy is making life more expensive. We know patients are looking for ways to save money. In my practice, we specialize in saving patients money. This is how we have oriented my practice from the beginning. Our first intent is to provide as little care as is necessary. And for the care we provide, we do so in a high quality manner at a value fee.

Again, this saves patients so much money.

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