CDC Mask and Vaccinated Person Update of 04-27-2021: No Change for Healthcare Settings

Yes, we all are tiring of this pandemic. Yes, other influences have affected our nation’s response to this pandemic, outside of facts and medical science. Yes, many of us want to be free and feel we have rights to exercise our freedoms. Yet, with all this and more, the last thing that healthcare settings want to do is to cause harm. To some degree, yes, the CDC carries this same responsibility towards our nation’s public health. So, in light of the releasing of restrictions by the CDC in the temporary update of 04-27-2021, healthcare settings are still highly recommended to maintain social distancing and enforce mask wear guidelines for the safety of all people. This is clearly indicated in this latest update at “Updated Recommendations: #5.

We get it. We want things to be normal. We want to exercise our freedoms and our rights. We totally get it. With that, in a healthcare setting, we must provide a safe environment for all. All patients should feel safe. To me, this also follows with the centuries-taught biblical commandment of “loving our neighbor.” Until we see a great majority of our country being vaccinated, until we see a major change within the CDC guidelines, we will continue to deeply care for all patients and to demonstrate appropriate love towards our patients.

We will follow the CDC guidelines for mask wear and social distancing. We do this for safety, for the comfort of all patients, and we do this to follow the CDC and the State Board of Dental Examiners guidelines, who control my legal ability to practice dentistry in the great state of Texas. We have no intent to make a political statement in doing this, nor should we be interpreted as making a political statement, because that interpretation is not at all in play with our decision on this particular matter.

Our compassion towards our patients is not new. Our online patient reviews demonstrate this beautifully. Our being recognized by independent research organizations also demonstrates our deep value for patient satisfaction.

We thank you for your interest in our website. Feel free to peruse our site. Feel free to make an appointment by following this link, or by calling us at (972) 250-2580.

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