CBD and Medical Marijuana: Is it Safe?

CBD, medical marijuana

We have all seen the CBD stores opening up near our homes. They are in fact becoming quite prevalent. This creates some interest following the state’s allowance for these CBD products in June 2019. As a result, I decided to research this. Here is what I have found, thus far.

CBD is the second most prevalent ingredient within marijuana; this is second to THC, which is the ingredient known for creating the condition for being “high.” CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, and is derived from the hemp plant, which is a cousin to the marijuana plant. At this time, pure CBD is thought to be safe. However, since CBD is sold as a “supplement,” the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate it.

Numerous health benefits for taking CBD have been found by current research, which began in December 2015. These health benefits include helping patients with child epilepsy syndromes, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain when applied to the skin, pain associated with Shingles, spinal stenosis, and arthritis, and patients experiencing nausea, fatigue, and irritability, as well as enhancing the effects of prescription medications which are adversely affected by grapefruit juice (ex. coumadin, statin drugs).

Since these are new “supplements,” and since the FDA does not regulate products containing CBD, the buyer must “beware.” The labeling of these CBD products may not contain the amount of CBD that is labelled, there may be other ingredients in these CBD products which are not labelled, and at this time medical science does not fully know the amount of CBD that is most effective for obtaining the known possible health benefits. Further, patients must let their doctors know if they are taking CBD or any other “supplement,” since these may affect other prescription medications in some way.

To conclude, CBD products are new, research has only been performed on these since 2015, the FDA does not regulate CBD products, the labeling of these products may not be accurate, and the effective dosages for differing conditions are currently not well known. Again, the buyer must “beware.”

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