How Do I Recognize God? Is God Calling Me? Has God Reached Out to Me?

Finding God, Seeing God

Finding God, Seeing GodThis is a very unique subject. I never ever had this kind of a conversation with someone until 2007, when I was 45 year-old. Now we all have most likely have had contact with Evangelicals or Southern Baptists who reference having a relationship with Christ. ¬†They may have even asked if we had been “saved”. This kind of conversation made me feel very uncomfortable. I did not ever “feel” of what they spoke. It seemed so very foreign to me.
Well, this all changed within me in a span of about 32 hours on the weekend of March 24, 2007. On that weekend I had two experiences at which I felt something foreign. I felt something very different. I knew right away that what I felt was not “of this world”. In other words, I somehow knew that God was involved. The context of the weekend was within a church retreat. I did not at all understand what these feelings were; it took me about 2-3 months of studying to realize that God was reaching out to me. I have written more on this in other posts within this website.
So this is about me so far. How about you? Has God attempted to communicate with you? Based on my experience, based upon experiences of others, and based upon my intent studies, I would say that the answer is yes. There are many times in our lives at which God attempts to reach us. I imagine most all of us expect this communication by God to be massive, remarkable, and unmissable. We expect this to be “big”. This is referenced in scripture at NIV 1 Kings 19:12. This verse references a “gentle whisper”.
God Calling, God Reaching OutIn this reference in the Book of Kings, it describes a voice within. I have heard this myself, actually quite often. This voice may very well be your own voice guiding you. We all may have many voices in our heads. These voices may be telling us we are too busy to listen for God, that God does not speak to us, that we are not worthy of God’s love, that we are stupid, that we are not good enough, that we are wasting our time, whatever….. I suggest that you try to go deeper than these voices within your head. I suggest you attempt to leave anxiety and worry aside. I suggest that you leave space within your mind and within your heart to “let God in”. This is indeed a discipline. Please be patient. I suggest also that you try to leave this space available at all times. Please do not let anxiety, worry, stress, anger, depression, whatever, you get the drift, do not let any of these negative emotions overcome any available space within your heart and mind. Allow yourself this space for God to reside and you may well be amazed.
You may find yourself amazed at how God may reach you through the smile of a child, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the enormity of a mountain, the generosity of a friend, the concern of a stranger, the attraction of a fire, the reading of scripture, the text within a prayer or hymn or psalm, the words of a song, the cooing of a baby, the expression of thanks of an athlete, a spiritual discussion with a friend, the devotion of others at a church service, the peace within those around you, etc.. There is no limit to how God may be reaching out to you. We simply must be open to allowing this recognition to occur.
I do suggest trying to have some discipline on leaving some space within your heart and mind for God to reside. You may well feel something heart-warming, you may feel a wave coming across your body, you may feel warmth, you may feel love, whatever it is you will recognize this as something different. Feel free to reach out to a trusted friend, engage in a conversation with God everyday, read scripture, subscribe to a trusted website for daily readings, reflections, or bible verses, attend church services, read a recommended book on this, etc.. Feel free to leave me a comment within this webpage.
God loves you so much. He is reaching out to you!

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