How Long Can I Wait to See a Dentist?

When to see a dentist, Venincasa Dental, Dallas dentist

When to see a dentist, Venincasa Dental, Dallas dentistMany people want to save money. Some patients may want to delay seeing a dentist until something breaks. Some may want to delay until they perceive pain. Some may want to wait until they perceive that something has to be done now. Is this the best way to manage when one should see the dentist?
As far as when to see a dentist, I offer my experiences. We do have some patients wait at times before getting treatment done. They may be busy. They may have too much “on their plate”. They may want to manage their cash flow until things are better. I understand all this. I truly do. As a dentist I realize very well that patients only have one set of natural teeth. I realize that teeth do not repair themselves. I see what happens when patients wait until something breaks, until they perceive pain, or until they perceive that something must immediately be done. Oftentimes, by the time the patient comes in to receive care, opportunities are lost. Oftentimes, irreversible damage is done by the time care is pursued. Oftentimes the cost of repair or replacement may have gone up significantly due to the delay in obtaining care.
I understand many of you may not want to read this. I also understand many of you, down deep, realize this happens. This is like those old Fram Oil Filter commercials on television. The mechanic explains how you can get an oil and filter change now, or you can forego that and get more costly repairs done later. He says, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” ¬†This same wisdom applies to dental care. You can be more proactive and preventive oriented, and obtain care now to have things evaluated prior to the onset of breakage and pain. In this way more options are available for care and the cost of care is less. However, waiting to get care done oftentimes results in more extensive and expensive repairs or even replacement. Truly, the decision is yours. However, there is much wisdom in most patients seeing a dentist every six months.
We do understand patients want to save their money and time. However, we find that in the long run, money and time is saved when care is pursued earlier. Within our office we offer multiple ways for patients to pay for their care. In this way we offer patients options to not only save them money in the long run. We also offer patients convenient and more comfortable ways to pay. Combine these observations with our honesty and with our working so hard to do things right the first time, we add other ways to save our valued patients money.
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