The Advantages of Our Intra-Oral Camera and Its Images

grinding, bruxism, night guard, tooth wear, Venincasa DentalSince about 1994 we have had the ability to take intra-oral images. Since then we have been able to add software packages and enhanced communications with insurance carriers. With all this, we have been able to provide many advantages to our wonderful patients.

Firstly, we can show patients the oral conditions that we can see. We have all heard how a picture paints 1000 words. There is much wisdom in this. When our patients can see what we see, there is little doubt as far as what is going on. When you combine these intra-oral images with our knowledge, our willingness to teach, and with our honesty, patients benefit a great deal.

Secondly, we are able to store these images for future reference. As a result we can follow the progression of a current problem. Patients can visualize these progressions with us and are involved in planning any care.

Thirdly, we use these images to substantiate dental claims. I can honestly say we send insurance companies more documentation than over 95% of the dental offices out there. Most insurance carriers require x-rays and a narrative. We offer them so much more. We illustrate to the insurance carrier the conditions that exist before, during, and after our care. With this information well-documented with dates and times, insurance carriers have a difficult time denying treatment. The benefit for our valued patients is that their insurance claims are paid more appropriately and more timely.

Lastly, we are able to utilize some of these intra-oral images in our communications with patients and with doctors whom we refer our patients to for care. We use these images for our newsletters to inform patients of different subjects, we use these images to show referring doctors why the referral is being made, and we use these images for our website to inform current and prospective patients of what we find and of what we do. Actual images from our office illustrate our concern and our honesty.

We do many things to enhance our service for our patients. We are very happy to do these things. We know these images and many other things we do assist patients a great deal.

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