Do Miracles Really Exist Today?

Infant, miracle

Infant, miracleOK. Kinda odd to be posting on this kind of thing, I realize. This subject came up with a great group of friends this morning. On discussing this, I recalled my opinion of miracles just over eight years ago.
I am somewhat embarrassed to state that over eight years ago, my thought was that miracles were extremely rare. My thought was that miracles did happen and that they were events that could not be explained by man’s knowledge nor logic. I thought God was involved in some miracles. I also thought some miracles were coincidental, random, and separate from a Supreme Being of any kind.
Now prior to eight years ago, I was a lifelong Catholic. I attended Mass every week for the most part. However, I did not sense God as being active in my life. So, my idea of miracles was as stated above. This all changed in the span of one weekend in March of 2007. I attended a church retreat and was forever changed within a 32-hour period of time. I have referenced this in other postings at this site within the same tag of “faith“.
During that 32-hour period of time I had specific encounters with God, no doubt. Oh yes, I was very confused about this. However, these encounters were life-changing, they were wonderful, and they could not be left alone by me. I had to respond.  I had to.
So, as time went on, I immersed myself in many Christian media sources to learn about what I encountered in that 32-hour span. Pardon me, I digressed.
OK. Back to where I am with miracles now. I have been gifted with the ability to sense God every hour. It is simply there. This was not at all my sense prior to that retreat. Honestly, I sense God every hour. I see Him in the beauty of nature, I see Him in others, I see Him in sequences of events. I see Him all the time. No, I do not see a face….never. To explain it, I see God’s effect. And so, since I see God every hour, and since I see God’s effect every hour, I see miracles every hour. To me, miracles are those things that God controls, creates, effects, etc.
So, miracles include the notable sunrise, my transformation on that 2007 weekend, the birth of my five kids, my 24 years of marriage, my current faith, my great group of friends, my ability to write this post, the foliage and flowers of the Spring, the rotations of the planets and the moons, etc. Without God’s effect, all things would tend to disorder. The sun would burn out, the planets would lose their orbits, we would run out of oxygen, everything would die, faith would not exist, etc.
So, for me now, miracles exist every hour. They are all around us. It is a matter of perspective, a matter of belief, a matter of faith. That is the difference from what I thought of miracles over eight years ago. If you have an interest in this kind of thing, seek conversation with a trusted Christian friend, visit with a pastor or religious leader, and ask for our loving God’s assistance in prayer. This life is so much better this way!

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