I Want Just One, the Same Dentist!

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Young doctor holds the elderly woman handsCertainly things have changed in the way that medical and dental care are delivered. In the name of cost containment and accessibility, the dignity and respect for the individual patient is getting lost. How is this true? Well, first of all, employers may change insurance plans often. With this insurance plan change, the providers may not be the same. So, patients often feel “forced” to select another provider. Secondly, with the growth of corporate dental offices, there is often turnover in the treating dentist position so patients lose control of who is their treating dentist. Third, with the common change of the provider of medical or dental services, the quality of care may well change. Lastly, with the changes that result from cost containment, providers of care are more restricted in their time available to treat each patient. As a result of this, patients are losing control of getting their needs met and of getting the best care.
I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way. As with many problems in this life, one can either go with the flow and just accept the changes, knowing that sacrifices are being made. Or, one may think more “outside the box” and consider ways to leverage their position to maintain as much control of their medical and dental care as they can, and to maintain the quality of that care.
With dental care, Venincasa Dental has had since our inception a more unique way of managing dental care. In my practice, the patients are considered first. Their needs are considered first. Their desires for care are considered first. Here, we do not have the hurdles placed by managed care dental plans. We do not have the pressures of a corporate entity demanding profits. We do not have the compromises of care that dental plans are limited to pay for. We do not ration how often certain patients may come to the office. Because of the way I manage the dental practice, patients always know that I will be providing their care. They know that the quality of care here is consistently good because of that. They know that we know them, that we know their individual desires for comfort during dental care, and that we know how anxious they individually may be during dental treatment. Things here are consistent. It does not matter what insurance you have, what insurance you do not have, and it does not matter that Obamacare is in effect. We are the same.
We realize patients are concerned about the financial investment in their dental care. We are acutely aware. As a result, we have positioned ourselves to allow patients to phase their treatment, to pay for their treatment with multiple options, to offer interest-free payment plans, and to offer extended lower-interest payment plans.
You can have dental care here in the way dental care used to be. We have something very special and unique here not only for your teeth, but also for you, as a person of dignity and deserving of respect. We recognize you are made in God’s image, and we treat you accordingly. We invite you to peruse our dentist-written and produced website, we invite you to review our certified reviews from patients, we invite you to review our reviews from other doctors, and we invite you to make an appointment with us at (972) 250-2580, or in any other manner you see available within this web page. Thank you for your interest in Venincasa Dental!

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