Our Money: Engraved with "In God We Trust"

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affordable dentistry, financing, payments, insuranceWe have all seen it. “In God We Trust” is engraved on our paper money and coins. This had first been on our coins in 1864, it has been on our paper currency since 1957, and it became our country’s official motto since 1956. This phrase was also in the fourth stanza of our “Star-Spangled Banner”.  In 2006 the US Senate reaffirmed this as our national motto, and in 2011 the US House of Representatives did the same.
Have we really given this much thought? It seems our government has. It seems many have. Have you? Have you considered what this means? Why would our government decide to engrave “In God We Trust” on our monies? Does this imply we trust God more than we trust our money? What does it mean to trust God? How can we trust in God when He is not physically present? Money is very visibly evident, it is useful, and we like it. How can we trust in God more than we trust in our money? What can God provide us that money cannot? How do we receive anything from God of whom we trust? He is not here, right?
These are all great questions. These are questions I asked myself. I totally did not understand what it meant to trust in God. This all changed within a span of 36 hours for me on a March weekend in 2007. I attended a retreat at church. I was having a tough time then in my life, I had questions about life, death, and the meaning of it all. I was losing hope for the future. I knew I needed something to turn me back in the right direction. I knew something was missing. I did not know what was missing but something was indeed missing. Well, on that March weekend of 2007, in a very clear, distinct, and impactful way which can make me quite emotional to describe, I encountered our loving God. No, I did not see His face. But I felt His effect upon me. I felt a presence. I experienced forgiveness for my wayward ways and I found unconditional love. This all happened for me within 36 hours.
So, I found something very special. I began a study of God for myself. I was very intent on this for about two years. This study is still a daily activity for me although it is less time-intensive but it is still very intent. I learned what it meant to trust in God. For me “In God We Trust” is very real. This phrase has a great deal of meaning for me. I understand this now.
I realize society is moving away from this phrase. It is now politically correct to move away from God. Please do not allow this to happen. My life has so much in the way of kindness, fairness, love, peace, joy, hope, and faith. This life is so much more meaningful now. There is more of a purpose I realize for my life. My work is now framed within this context. I invite you to discuss this with a trusted friend who may understand this if you do not understand all this. I invite you to find a church nearby that you can visit on a weekly basis. I invite you to experience reflectively reading the Bible, starting with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I invite you to ask our loving God to assist you in understanding what it means to trust in Him. I invite you to contact me even anonymously within this web page feature of “Contact Us”. This is too important to turn away from. This is too important to avoid. This is too important to delay. This life is so much better with this trust in our loving God!

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