Does God Protect Us?

20150328_042342Just three days ago, I was driving my son to an area high school at 3:40 am. He needed to meet with buses and vans  at 4 am which were driving the students to College Station, Texas, for a contest. Naturally, I am not usually driving at this time. I am over the age of 30, by quite a bit.
So there we are, driving on Preston Road in Plano, Texas. There was very little traffic. Most of the traffic lights for us were blinking yellow; as a result, many of the lesser-traveled roads had blinking red lights. We come upon an intersection with this typical blinking light pattern. The cross street was a lesser-traveled road, with a brick wall lining the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, as we approached that intersection. You already know what is happening.
Little did we know that behind that brick wall, and on that lesser-traveled street, was a white Toyota SUV or crossover of some kind, approaching the intersection with the blinking red lights.
20150328_044327However, as we are told by police later, the driver thinks that all comers to the intersection have blinking red lights, and it is in the middle of the night with very little traffic. So the driver of this Toyota decides to drive through the intersection without slowing down or stopping prior to crossing. The driver is approaching the intersection at 30-40 MPH, unbeknownst to us, until that Toyota is within about 10 feet of my two-week old 2015 Jeep Wrangler. I am driving at about 40 MPH myself. There was nothing I could do. We took a direct hit to my driver door.
Now, imagine getting hit at about 30-40 MPH directly at your driver door. Imagine for a few seconds. What happens? Imagine. What happens? Broken glass? Are you crushed to some degree with your driver door? Does the Wrangler flip over? Is the driver door penetrated? Is the Wrangler pushed over the curb? How violently is your body jostled and moved? What injuries do you sustain, does your passenger sustain with the seat belts on? What happens to the Toyota which is also travelling about 30-40 MPH, hitting your door?
OK, the answers. So we take the hit from the Toyota at 30-40 MPH, my Wrangler maintains itself in the middle lane. We drive through the intersection still driving, the engine oil light is on, I take the Wrangler to the right lane, stop it, turn on the hazard lights, and find that my son and I sustain no injury at all. No scratches. No bruises. No cuts. My driver door is crushed in but only slightly. Numerous engine fluids have spilled onto the roadway. I recall no blows to the head, shoulders, nothing. It was a relatively “calm” collision for me. I am amazed.
The Toyota ended up bouncing off, it spun 180 degrees, the airbags deployed, and the front of the vehicle was crushed halfway towards the windshield. All those occupants were apparently unhurt. Between the police and the tow truck driver, they thought both vehicles had the potential to be “totaled”.
Was God there to protect us? I do believe so. The collision truly was so much less than I could have ever imagined. And our physical harm from getting hit on the driver door at 30-40 MPH was nil. Yes, I do believe in miracles.
For more on faith issues, feel free to peruse my postings on this. If you want to discuss this more, feel free to message me, to visit with a trusted and faithful Christian friend, or to make an appointment with your chosen pastor or priest or minister. There is much to gain in this life and in the next with a healthy belief and trust in our loving God.

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