ISIS, Ebola, Decreasing Confidence in our Government, and Faith

Open hand raised, Stop ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)It seems we are bombarded by terrible news these days. ISIS seems to be terrorizing innocent people and taking over cities and portions of countries that are not rightfully theirs. On top of this our government and our allies seem to be unwilling to do what it takes to stop ISIS. Then, at the same time, the Ebola virus has begun a spread here in our own city of Dallas. And then on top of this, there seems to be little restriction in allowing infected people from travelling outside of western Africa to potentially spread the Ebola virus worldwide. Moreover we see Americans with near record low percentages of confidence in our government and in our president. Many other things are in play as well that can bring us down.
I feel all this too. To some degree we all do feel this. So what do we do? How can we manage this?
Well, for me, I have come to the understanding that there are no promises in this world. I know God set this world in motion, He gave us as Man free will, and God allows things to happen. At times we may get mad at God for allowing things to happen, or we may question why He allows things like these to happen. I used to do this myself. But in my studies I have learned that this earth has no guarantee on these issues. And yes, God does allow these things to happen. Why?
I honestly do not think we are to be able to think as God does. We can perhaps wonder why He allows these things to happen; however, for us to try to figure out why God does things is an impossible task. God is all-knowing and we are not even close. God allows things to happen not for the good of this world, but rather, He allows these things to happen for the good of His world.
You see, God wants us to turn to Him when we get down. He in fact wants us to turn to Him at all times. He wants us to be as children. He wants us to simply trust Him and to love Him. Yes, I know these problems can get us down. I know they do not make sense…..TO US…..IN THIS WORLD……. However, I trust that all these terrible things make sense TO GOD….IN HIS WORLD…..IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.
And yes, we can live more within His kingdom of heaven here on earth if we are open to living in this way. I live this way. Many live this way. We can still have hope for tomorrow, we can still have joy, we can experience peace, we can be kind and gentle, and we can love. Our faith can get us to see beyond these terrible earthly things and can allow us to focus on Him and His will for us.
If you question this, please do reach out to a trusted Christian friend, attend a nearby church that interests you, speak to a member of the clergy, or feel free to message me in any way you see available within this web page. This life can be much more free of worry and anxiety. This life can be full of hope, peace, and love. It is so much better this way!

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